March 5th: Austrian’s newspaper "Der Standard" featured my latest paper on limits to sustained metabolic rate (part XXI).
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I am teaching in the 2nd and 3rd year courses and practicals on Animal Physiology, Environmental Physiology and Diversity of Life at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The date of my "habilitation" lecture was announced. Please read the invitation here and safe the date.
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Together with Dr. Vian Azzu, we’ve compiled a comparative review on the relationship between mitochondrial membrane fatty acid composition, lifespan and metabolism reviewing the available literature and suggesting the use of phylogenetic correction in comparative datasets.

picture August 2013 my 8th trip to Beijing and my third visit in the "Forbidden City" with my friend Sahar Heideri from Mashad, Iran.

picture July 2013 I’m attending the annual SEB meeting in Valencia 2013 giving 2 talks and the meeting of the IUPS in Birmingham presenting one talk and one poster. Here are some impressions from the meetings.

The Education and Public Affairs Section of the Society of Experimental Biology (me being the one on the right wearing a white shirt)

Drs. Tim Schulz and Pawel Koteja Poster presentations at IUPS. Drs. Tim Schulz from Potsdam and Pawel Koteja from Krakow

picture snake The Chinese year of the snake has started and I am mastering two projects: one in Vienna, Austria and another in Beijing, China. here to see the news-archiv