With the Eurasia Pacific Uninet I travelled to the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea to take part in a conference.
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I took a break from my Elise Richter project to start a mouse project at John Speakman’s lab in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.
In the upcoming months I will continue research in vienna while running a project on metabolomics for the other half of my time.

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29.June - 2.July
At the annual meeting of the Society of Experimental Biology in Salzburg, Austria, one entire symposium was devoted to fatty acid research.

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18.June - 22.June
I explain how animals deal with heat and even more extreme heat on Radio Österreich 1.

From this link the interview can be downloaded as podcast:

I was interviewed about my experience with chinese applications and scientists and my thoughts were combined in this report from EURAXESS.
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Recently, I was awarded a 9 months fellowship for visiting international scientists from the Chinese academy of sciences.
I will conduct a project on metabolic fingerprinting as a tool to diagnose dietary macronutrient intake together with Prof. John R. Speakman from this year September onwards.

I was awarded the Elise Richter fellowship from FWF to continue my research. More infos on the next projects will come soon.

The previous FWF-funded project on European hare lactation energetics was featured for a newspaper article in "Der Standard".
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Our Ames dwarf project was featured for a newspaper article in "Die Presse"
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Radio Österreich 1 will broadcast my interview on "juvenile development in European hares", programme: "Vom Leben der Natur"

Ames dwarf mouse ....arrival of Ames dwarf mice

In his last session FWF, approved my grant proposal to work on membrane composition in the Ames dwarf mouse. This single funded project will be conducted in parallel with the ongoing C57 Bl/6 mouse project.

I was part of an Austrian delegation from Vetmed. Univ. Vienna to Bejing and Yangling in China. Our aim was to seek potential collaborations and to attend a workshop on Animal husbandry and Veterinary medicine.

I was awarded the President´s medal of the Society of Experimental Biology.

Between June 28th and July 2nd I attended the annual meeting of the Society of Experimental Biology (SEB) in Glasgow. As president´s medallist, I gave two talks at the conference and was awarded the medal at the conference dinner.

From June 13-18 I took part in the NIA sponsored 17th Annual Summer Training course in Experimental Aging Research carried out at the Buck Institute of Age Research in Novato, CA

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Austrian Science Fund, our funding organisation is showing an exhibition at the Veterinary University Vienna from Mai 18th until May 29th where the mouse project will be presented with a poster.
Preview of the poster..

In the current annual report from FWF, our project is described in detail on page 74.
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Recently, our project was featured in the daily newspaper "Der Standard".
An Austrian science journalist, Dr. Susanne Strnadl reported on the scienctific framework and the aims of the project.

"Länger leben mit der Maus", Der Standard